An overview of the activities of OUTLINE as a collective.

  • Publishing Club #1

  • Seaside_007 parachute in cloudless 2

  • W-Street (plot points and non-fictions)

  • Seaside_006 Hauntology FM: the specter of digital liberation

  • We Do Not Yet Know What ‘Toto Africa (playing in an empty mall)’ Can Do

  • Seaside_005 humming along to Avril 14 (played on pedal steel)

  • Multiple names

  • Seaside_004 Cord

  • Seaside_003 parachute in cloudless

  • How to publish an archive in pluriform?

  • Seaside_002 Rehearsal

  • ¶#0-¶#3, A get-together

  • Seaside_001 The utterance

  • OUTLINE streams: in dubio

  • OUTLINE #3: Places, exhausted

  • OUTLINE #2: De Lokale Omroep

  • OUTLINE #1: An Attempt at Mapping Sarajevo

Publishing Club #1

OUTLINE Publishing Club #1 is the result of a collective publishing workshop undertaken by OUTLINE with Abby Yang, Carolina Valente Pinto, Doris Sisková, Fede, Hui Baquero, Marina Menendez-Pidal, Marie Yevkiné Tirard, Nabila Ernada, Natasha Rijkhoff and Sandrita. This reader bootlegs, remixes and redistributes from various sources, building an aggregate pattern of references through dialogue and speculation. The publication was compiled, edited, designed and printed on one October afternoon in Onomatopee (Eindhoven, NL) during Dutch Design Week 2023.