05.01.18 Publication release @ SKLOP

Publication release of OUTLINE #1 at project space SKLOP, Sarajevo, accompanied by an exhibition. With a performance by Smirna Kulenović, a reading by Maite Vanhellemont, a live set by Space Lufter and a DJ set by Sestre.


Talk ‘Outlining new strategies of work’
Moderated by Sandra Bradvic. The talk was aimed at identifying and addressing some of the most aggravating working conditions in the field of culture in Sarajevo and BiH in general. Subjects like international collaboration, exchange, but also the possibilities of a possible creation and implementation of these strategies in the cultural policy in BiH were addressed.


Smirna Kulenović, artist and curator at GSU Brodac
Zulfikar Filandra, Film and theater director
Pierre Courtin, founder of Duplex100m2
Djenita Kustric, artist, art technologist and professor
Sandra Bradvic, founder of SKLOP