02.03.2023 OUTLINE get-together: Jacob Dwyer, Azul De Monte, Seaside

kindly hosted by OT301, Amsterdam
Thursday 2 March 2023

During this get-together, OUTLINE will present three durational works: an audio drama, a performance and a listening session, presented in an informal setting of sonic intimacy.

× The Devil Museum, Jacob Dwyer
“Over the following four weeks in Lithuania I kept an audio diary and recorded sounds in and around my cabin. I met no one and spoke about meeting no one. I remembered Crow Man and the time I sold my mum a kilo of scallops. I listened to the door hinge and I recorded the river, with its small islands of ice brushing up against the banks like a pulse. It’s a nice word, ‘pulse’; the motion of an artery as blood is driven through it by the heart.”

The Devil Museum is Jacob Dwyer’s latest audio drama, which he realized during a residency at Rupert in Lithuania. In it we we listen to the diary of a man tasked with pho­tographing all three-thou­sand of a mu­se­um’s devil sculp­tures. It com­bines field record­ings with orig­inal mu­sical com­po­si­tions by Ka­reem Lotfy and Jacob Oostra. The piece will be performed with live narration and foley by Jacob Dwyer. The Devil Museum was published on vinyl in March 2022 by London-based record label Mana. It is available digitally via Bandcamp or on vinyl at Honest Jon’s Records.

× oh, thats cute!, Azul De Monte
How can we escape the echoes of cuteness bouncing against pristine structures of being? Playing with references of e-girls and videos of animated sex fluids with phantasmagoric bodies, Azul De Monte’s performance explores how cuteness and infantilization becomes a state of being in capitalism.

× Seaside
Seaside is OUTLINE‘s bi-monthly audio collage, broadcast on Stranded FM. For the get-together Tjobo Kho and Jan-Pieter ‘t Hart will host a live listening session with sounds to collectively digest and reflect on the night’s performances.

Jacob Dwyer (he/him) is an artist based in Amsterdam. His work often centres around personal encounters that could equally be seen as fables or heresy. He studied Experimental Film at Kingston university and completed a residency at De Ateliers (Amsterdam).

Azul De Monte (she/her) is a visual artist from Argentina currently based in Rotterdam. Her practice mixes diverse media such as video animations, performance and drawings. She has graduated from DAI (2019-2021) and is currently focusing her practice on researching cuteness on its potentialities both as a tool for and against capitalism.