W-Street (plot points and non-fictions)

W-Street (plot points and non-fictions) tells the story of an almost fictional character (A.) in a hardly fictional street (W-Street). It is a relational account of a neighbourhood that became a development project: perpetually unfinished, continually overwriting its many pasts. It “stitches together imperfectly” this specific urban history with musings on remembering and forgetting, public art and memorials, cinematic references and feminist theory; as alignments and disjunctions when you turn a corner, or a page.

Written by Jan–Pieter ‘t Hart
Designed by Lulu van Dijck
Drawings by Tjobo Kho

Printing by no kiss?
Distribution by Jesse Presse
Proofreading by Maya Reus and Callum Dean
Printed in an edition of 150
Amsterdam, May 2023