An overview of our published series, on and off the web.

  • ¶ (work in progress)

¶ (work in progress)

Take a left, go straight ahead, take a right, linger for a while, walk back a little, take that small trail which will eventually, after some bumps and bends, take you back to the main road. And again, et cetera.
The network that actually connects, way more than other digital networks claim to do, way more than the particular platform this text is published on.

Perhaps this introduction is all too lyrical and romantic for a description of an online encyclopedia. But we feel affectionate feelings for this website called Wikipedia.

Today is Wikipedia Day, it’s been 18 years since the website’s and foundation’s genesis. On this day we’d like to announce that we are working on a series of publications in which we investigate the workings and wonders of the democratic, paperless encyclopedia.

More info on the project will follow sooner or later!

Tjobo & Jan-Pieter