An overview of the activities of OUTLINE as a collective.

  • OUTLINE #3: Places, exhausted

  • OUTLINE #2: De Lokale Omroep

  • OUTLINE #1: An Attempt at Mapping Sarajevo

OUTLINE #3: Places, exhausted

An exchange of letters between Smirna Kulenović and Jan-Pieter ‘t Hart

Places, exhausted is a publication containing a conversation in emails between Smirna Kulenović (BH) and Jan-Pieter ‘t Hart (NL), written over the course of six months. In their writings they scan, describe and relate to their immediate surroundings and the concept of home, while at the same time trying to make sense of their fragmented exchange of texts.

Initiated and published by OUTLINE for Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art 2019
Design by Lulu van Dijck
Edition of 50