After one month in Sarajevo, organizing events, facilitating exchange between individuals and making new friends we found ourselves with a pile of fragments which symbolizes our stay in the city. We think these are worth sharing.

This publication collects bits and pieces of the cultural scene in Sarajevo. The ones we managed to pick up along the way, provided by the great individuals we met. This is not a conclusion, or a clear-cut story with a pretty structure and resolutions. We simply hope that this might be the starting point of dialogues and new collaborations.

Contributions by:
Smirna Kulenović, Jan Pieter ‘t Hart, Sestre (Ehlimana-Elma & Aida), Maite Vanhellemont, Wouter Stroet , Zulfikar Filandra, Tjobo Kho & Pierre Courtin

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18×11 cm, black and white digital print on yellow paper (80 grams)

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  • OUTLINE Seaside_002 Rehearsal

  • OUTLINE ¶#0-¶#3, A get-together

  • OUTLINE Seaside_001 The utterance

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  • OUTLINE #3: Places, exhausted

  • OUTLINE #2: De Lokale Omroep

  • OUTLINE #1: An Attempt at Mapping Sarajevo

OUTLINE Seaside_003 parachute in cloudless

parachute in cloudless
mixtape 1 by Derek MF Di Fabio broadcasted on 19 October 2022 on Stranded FM.

Abolitionism as a feminist and decolonial practice is explored through the voice, word of mouth and poetry.

Kae Tempest – Picture A Vacuum – Live on KEXP
Jean Genet – interview at BBC2
Derek MF Di Fabio, m, Charlotte Simon – Cuscino. “Bocca”
Aisha Devi – Throat Dub
Sarah Schulman: Conflict is not Abuse – PNCA Critical Studies, 2017
Trinh T. Minh-ha – Just Speak Nearby – 356 Mission, 2016
Black Quantum Futurism – Time Distortion
Audre Lorde – Echos
Poem from Prison – Erica Huggins. 1970~ Angela Davis – If they come in the morning… Voice of resistance.
Kevin Aviance – Din Da Da
Angela Davis – “Feminism & Abolition: Theories & Practices for the 21st Century” – University Chicago, 2013
Muslimgauze – Dissidents In Exile
Ching-In Chen – Arrestable
Feminisms in Motion: Voices for Justice, Liberation, and Transformation Jessica Hoffman and Daria Yudacufski
Derek MF Di Fabio, Daniele, m, Charlotte Simon – Cuscino. “Infrasounds”
Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner – Anointed
Elysia Crampton – Dissolution of the Sovereign: A Time Slide Into the Future…
Sarah Schulman – “Conflict Is Not Abuse: Overstating Harm, Community Responsibility, and the Duty of Repair” Epub P. 68
Yoko Ono – Cough Piece. Tokyo, 1963

Thanks MINQ for reading with me.
Title: excerpt from “Dance Dance Revolution” by Cathy Park Hong
Produced by Derek MF Di Fabio. January 2022