After one month in Sarajevo, organizing events, facilitating exchange between individuals and making new friends we found ourselves with a pile of fragments which symbolizes our stay in the city. We think these are worth sharing.

This publication collects bits and pieces of the cultural scene in Sarajevo. The ones we managed to pick up along the way, provided by the great individuals we met. This is not a conclusion, or a clear-cut story with a pretty structure and resolutions. We simply hope that this might be the starting point of dialogues and new collaborations.

Contributions by:
Smirna Kulenović, Jan Pieter ‘t Hart, Sestre (Ehlimana-Elma & Aida), Maite Vanhellemont, Wouter Stroet , Zulfikar Filandra, Tjobo Kho & Pierre Courtin

PDF download (free)

18×11 cm, black and white digital print on yellow paper (80 grams)

  • OUTLINE Seaside #2: Rehearsal

  • OUTLINE ¶#0-¶#3, A get-together

  • OUTLINE Seaside #1: The utterance

  • OUTLINE streams: in dubio

  • OUTLINE #3: Places, exhausted

  • OUTLINE #2: De Lokale Omroep

  • OUTLINE #1: An Attempt at Mapping Sarajevo

OUTLINE Seaside #2: Rehearsal

The second hour of music, sounds and words for Stranded FM, broadcasted on June 29 2022.

Mica Levi – Between (feat Relax Kevin)
Relax Kevin – difference between medicine and poison is dose
Debit – 1st Day
Troth – Weight of a feather
Troth – When the rivers were the highways
Arthur Russell – Sunlit Water (Live 6 / 25 / 84)
Claire Rousay – Everything perfect is already here
Propan – B VI
This Heat – Not Waving
Drumloop – Headband
Wang WenYing – 找厕所
Leafy Suburbs – Trumpet Interchange
Drew McDowall, Bashar Suleiman, Elvin Brandhi, MSYLMA – Agalma VII
aircode – Drowsy
Minais B – o Levende Væsener
Tirzah – Sleeping (Anja Ngozi Remix)