¶#3: The mental traveller (pre-order)

For this fourth and (for now) last edition in our ¶ (Pilcrow) series we invited artist Kim David Bots to explore notions of memory and cognition through various myths, histories, phenomena, poems and images he found on Wikipedia. Also included in the publication are a series of recent Bic drawings made by Kim.


Kim works in a variety of media, including sculpture, drawing and music. He is interested, amongst other things, in language, the nonsensical, myths and storytelling.


¶#3 consists solely of texts and images found on the online collaborative platform Wikipedia. ¶#3 is designed by Tjobo Kho, edited by Jan-Pieter ‘t Hart and published by OUTLINE. ¶#3 will be launched on 9 December 2021 in OT301, Amsterdam during a get-together with performances, gestures and music. You can pre-order the publication through the form below.


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