¶#2: Bundle theory

“Collecting happens through the sensory. I collect sounds through listening; scents through smelling; images through vision. I store memories in my body; voluntarily (pleasure), involuntarily (heartbreak), or both (melancholia). But an affective collection can happen through objects too. My fantasy of doll as companion was really a wish for an extra set of eyes. As if the doll would archive experiences with me; a back-up of some sort, or an extra pair of guts.”
from: An aesthetic of (im)patience: hoarding, collection, memory, an essay by Romy Day Winkel and included in the publication.

For #2 in the ¶ (Pilcrow)-series Romy Day Winkel has approached collecting, or hoarding, as an aesthetic of patience. Through her selection of Wikipedia articles she looks at what happens when objects, magical or otherwise, are all put together. If it is impossible, and perhaps even uninteresting, to know when a collection or archive is finished, how does one start to hoard impatiently?

¶#2 consists solely of texts and images found on the online collaborative platform Wikipedia. ¶#2 is assembled by Romy Day Winkel, designed by Tjobo Kho and Wouter Stroet, edited by Jan-Pieter ‘t Hart and published by OUTLINE. ¶#2 is printed in an edition of 150 and published in May 2021.

Romy Day Winkel is a writer, editor and musician based in Amsterdam. She interviews poets for Perdu’s podcast series and runs a publication called SNAKY ZINE. Her research on radicalising romance is expanding via the Critical Studies program at Sandberg Institute, as well as her digital archive and radio show.

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